TBD | 5.8.6 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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Item 5.8.6 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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The order generation function must support the electronic signing of documents that results in a signed PDF document from either an internally generated or submitted proposed orders.

Unless a document is signed when generated, it shall be placed in the judge’s work queue.

The court must have the option of electronically signing some, all, or none of the documents in the work queue at the same time.

The subsystem must have a means for rejecting proposed orders submitted for signature with an explanation of the reason for rejection.

An electronic signature of a judge shall be accompanied by a date, timestamp, and case number. The date, time stamp, and case number shall appear as a watermark through the signature to prevent copying the signature to another document. The date, time stamp, and case number shall also appear below the signature and not be obscured by the signature.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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