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Item 5.6.1 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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The system must have a comprehensive reporting function for case management data and must be flexible to meet the reporting needs of individual circuits or counties. At a minimum it must provide:

Active Case List, including title, type, age attorneys or firms, next scheduled event date, and time since last activity with the ability to sort and filter on any field.

Critical Case List, including a listing of cases by type which is near or has exceeded Supreme Court time standards for such cases.

Inactive Case List, including a listing of cases with no activity for 180 days; with motions filed but not set for hearing; with no service of process after 120 days.

Pending Orders List, containing cases having matters held under advisement by the judge, with the number of days since being placed in a work queue, see Section 5.6.3.

List of Cases on Appeal, if the data is retrievable from the clerk’s database. Performance Measures.

The system shall have the ability to report the clearance rate of cases, age of pending cases, and time to disposition of cases.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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