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Item 5.5.5 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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The clerk of court progress docket is a list of the documents in the official court file for the case. It is the most common entry point for the display of the contents of the court file. The court application must display the docket sequence number for each docket entry in the progress docket.

Each electronically filed document listed on the progress docket must have a link or button that immediately opens the document for viewing. It must be able to retrieve and display the documents and associated sequence number without unnecessary delay.

The progress docket must list the documents filed in the case in such a way as to readily distinguish, via icons or color-coding, electronically field documents from those which have been filed in paper form and not converted.

Orders must similarly be distinguished from motions and other filings.

There must be a word search function for the progress docket.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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