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Item 5.4.8 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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The calendaring system shall contain a general-purpose calendar viewing function for internal users that displays allocated time blocks, any appointments scheduled within those blocks, and any unallocated time as the user may select.

The displayable fields shall be at least: hearing type; case type; case name; case number; date; time; judge; parties; attorneys; location (court and hearing rooms) and case age.

The fields displayed shall be limited appropriately by the user’s permission level. The display must have the ability to sort and filter by any displayed field.

When a specific appointment is listed on the display, clicking on the time and date portion shall call a function that permits editing, canceling, or rescheduling the event without retyping identifying information. Clicking on the case name will bring up a case calendar display (Section 5.4.9). There shall also be a control that opens the progress docket (Section 5.5.5).

When an allocated but still available time block, or any portion of unallocated time, is listed on the display, clicking on it shall call a function that permits entry of a new matter into that time block.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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