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Item 2.2.5 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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When information has been submitted electronically to the Clerk of Court’s Office, via the Portal, the clerk of court will review the filed document and determine whether it contains the required information for placement into the clerk’s case maintenance system.

If, during the local document receiving process, a determination is made that the filed document conflicts with any court rules or standards, then the clerk shall place the filed document into a correction queue. A filing may be placed in a correction queue for any reason that prevents the filing from being accepted into the clerk’s case maintenance system (“CMS”), e.g., documents that cannot be associated with a pending case; a corrupt file4; or an incorrect filing fee.

Once placed in a correction queue, the clerk shall attempt to contact the filer using the filer’s registered e-mail address and ask the filer to correct the identified issue(s) and resubmit. If not corrected, the filing will remain in a correction queue for no more than 5 (five) business days, after which time the filing will be moved to the abandoned filing queue. Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)


4 Document(s) that cannot be opened or read.

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