TBD | 2.2.1 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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Item 2.2.1 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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• Single statewide login.

• Single Portal for attorneys as mandated per administrative order.

• Process for non-attorneys and self-represented users to access the system (e.g., state agencies, local agencies, law enforcement, mediators, process servers, etc.).

• Uniform authentication method.

• Single point of access for filing and service.

• Consolidated electronic notification.

• Process for local validation.

• Automated interface with other e-filing systems as outlined in Portal documentation.

• Utilize the approved XML ECF Standards.

• Accommodate bi-directional transmissions to and from courts.

• Integrate with other established statewide systems.

• Accept electronic forms of payment.

• All court-based e-filing processes will use Internet-based open standards.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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