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Florida Courts Technology Standards

All-in-One Document
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0000FL-eFiling-TechStandards-[official]All-in-One[official] PDF/Page containing the Florida Courts Technology Standards.
0001FL-eFiling-TechStandardsDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing the Florida Courts Technology Standards.
Section 1: Purpose
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A00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-ZZSection 1Purpose
A01FLItem 1.0.0Purpose
Section 2: eFiling Standards
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B00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-2Section 2eFiling Standards
B01FLItem 2.0.0Section 2 Intro
B02FLItem 2.1.1Electronic Transmission and Filing of Documents
B03FLItem 2.1.2Document Filing
B04FLItem 2.1.3Size of Filing
B05FLItem 2.1.4Document Creation and Format
B06FLItem 2.1.5Requirements for Individual Filers
B07FLItem 2.1.6File Name
B08FLItem 2.1.7Retransmission of Electronic Filing
B09FLItem 2.1.8Electronic Signatures
B10FLItem 2.1.9Emergency Filing
B11FLItem 2.2.1Portal Functionality
B12FLItem 2.2.2Minimum Functionality
B13FLItem 2.2.3Electronic Filing Envelope
B14FLItem 2.2.4Portal Time Stamp
B15FLItem 2.2.5Electronic Notification of Receipt
B16FLItem 2.2.6Review by Clerk of Court
B17FLItem 2.2.7Docket Numbering
B18FLItem 2.2.8Security
B19FLItem 2.2.9Filing Process
B20FLItem 2.2.10Submission Validation
B21FLItem 2.2.11Adding a Party
B22FLItem 2.2.12Confidentiality and Sensitive Information
B23FLItem 2.2.13System Availability and Recovery Planning
B24FLItem 2.2.14Document Filing
B25FLItem 2.2.15Electronic Notarization
Section 3: Electronic Court Records Custodian
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C00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-3Section 3Electronic Court Records Custodian
C01FLItem 3.0.0Section 3 Intro
C02FLItem 3.1.0Court Document Format
C03FLItem 3.2.0ADA Compliance
C04FLItem 3.3.0Court Records Redaction
C05FLItem 3.4.0Court Records Storage
C06FLItem 3.5.0Court Records Backup and Archival
Section 4: Clerk's Case Maintenance System Standards
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D00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-4Section 4Clerk's Case Maintenance System Standards
D01FLItem 4.1.1Document Rendering
D02FLItem 4.1.2Electronic Filing Envelope
D03FLItem 4.1.3Clerk’s Time Stamp
D04FLItem 4.1.4Document Identification Number (DIN)
Section 5: Court Application Processing System
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E00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-5Section 5Court Application Processing System
E01FLItem 5.0.0Section 5 Intro
E02FLItem 5.1.1Certification Required
E03FLItem 5.1.2CAPS Definition
E04FLItem 5.1.3Exclusion for Clerk’s Responsibilities
E05FLItem 5.1.4Mandating CAPS
E06FLItem 5.2.1Vendor Product Certification
E07FLItem 5.2.2General System Certification
E08FLItem 5.2.3Provisional Certification
E09FLItem 5.2.4Existing Installations
E10FLItem 5.2.5Certification Process
E11FLItem 5.3.1Performance
E12FLItem 5.3.2Robustness
E13FLItem 5.3.3Compatibility
E14FLItem 5.3.4Adaptability
E15FLItem 5.3.5Accessibility and Security
E16FLItem 5.3.6External Data Access
E17FLItem 5.3.7Global Navigation
E18FLItem 5.3.8Hardware Independence
E19FLItem 5.3.9Printer-Friendliness
E20FLItem 5.3.10Disaster Prevention and Recovery Strategy
E21FLItem 5.4.1Calendaring System Required
E22FLItem 5.4.2Planning Flexibility
E23FLItem 5.4.3Calendar Control
E24FLItem 5.4.4Replication
E25FLItem 5.4.5External User Access
E26FLItem 5.4.6Direct Access to Calendar Management
E27FLItem 5.4.7Automatic Notation and Notification
E28FLItem 5.4.8Calendar Display (Internal)
E29FLItem 5.4.9Case Calendar Display
E30FLItem 5.4.10Daily Event or Reminder
E31FLItem 5.4.11Calendar Export
E32FLItem 5.5.1Case Search and Display
E33FLItem 5.5.2Case Search Keywords
E34FLItem 5.5.3Lookup Return
E35FLItem 5.5.4Case Information
E36FLItem 5.5.5Clerk’s Progress Docket
E37FLItem 5.5.6Document Image Display
E38FLItem 5.5.7Word Search
E39FLItem 5.5.8Accessing External Data
E40FLItem 5.6.1Reporting
E41FLItem 5.6.2Workflow Management
E42FLItem 5.6.3Work Queue
E43FLItem 5.6.4Daily Reminder (tickler)
E44FLItem 5.6.5Alerts
E45FLItem 5.6.6Automated Task for Case Management
E46FLItem 5.7.1E-Notification of Data Issues
E47FLItem 5.8.1Order Generation and Processing Required
E48FLItem 5.8.2Recallable Entries
E49FLItem 5.8.3Portal Integration
E50FLItem 5.8.4Document Models
E51FLItem 5.8.5Templates
E52FLItem 5.8.6Electronic Signatures
E53FLItem 5.8.7Electronic Filing and Service
E54FLItem 5.9.1Case Notes
E55FLItem 5.9.2Case Notes
E56FLItem 5.9.3Case Notes
E57FLItem 5.9.4Case Notes
E58FLItem 5.9.5Case Notes
E59FLItem 5.10.1Help
E60FLItem 5.10.2Help
E61FLItem 5.10.3Help
E62FLItem 5.10.4Help
Section 6: Integration and Interoperability
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F00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-6Section 6Integration and Interoperability
F01FLItem 6.0.0Section 6 Intro
F02FLItem 6.1.0Background
F03FLItem 6.2.0Requirements and Standards for Integration & Interoperability
F04FLItem 6.2.1Diagrams
F05FLItem 6.3.0Integration Requirements and Standards
F06FLItem 6.3.1Infrastructure Standards and Requirements
F07FLItem 6.4.0Requirements for Interoperability & Data Exchange
F08FLItem 6.4.1Software Applications
F09FLItem 6.4.2Data Transmission
F10FLItem 6.4.3Database Standards
F11FLItem 6.4.4Database Connectivity
F12FLItem 6.4.5Archival Storage of Electronic Documents
F13FLItem 6.5.0Cloud Computing
F14FLItem 6.5.1Approval Proces
F15FLItem 6.5.2Risks
F16FLItem 6.5.3Storage Restrictions
F17FLItem 6.5.4Data Encryption
F18FLItem 6.5.5Best Practices
F19FLItem 6.5.6Resources
Section 7: Data Exchange
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G00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-7Section 7Data Exchange
G01FLItem 7.1.0Introduction
G02FLItem 7.2.0Governance
G03FLItem 7.3.0Data Exchange Security
G04FLItem 7.4.0Transport
G05FLItem 7.5.0Transfer Framework
G06FLItem 7.6.0Integration Toolkit
G07FLItem 7.7.0Conformance
Section 8: General Technology
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H00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-8Section 8General Technology
H01FLItem 8.1.0ADA and Technology Compliance
H02FLItem 8.2.0Redaction and ADA Compliance
H03FLItem 8.3.0Archiving
H04FLItem 8.4.0Archival Requirements
H05FLItem 8.5.0Backup of Electronic Court Records
H06FLItem 8.6.0Court Control of Court Documents – Data Storage
H07FLItem 8.7.0Document Storage Format
Section 9: Notification by Clerk of System Modification
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I00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-9Section 9Notification by Clerk of System Modification
I01FLItem 9.0.0Section 9 Intro
Section X: Appendices
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J00FL-eFiling-TechStandards-Chapter-XSection XAppendices
J01FLItem ASymbols and Reservations
J02FLItem BNormative References
J03FLItem CTerms and Definitions
J04FLItem DData Exchange Content Models
J05FLItem EData Exchange Messages
J06FLItem FData Exchange Capability Model
Citations & References
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K01FL-eFiling-TechStandards-CitationsCitationsWebpage containing all of the appellate citations from the FCTS
K02FL-eFiling-TechStandards-ReferencesReferencesWebpage containing all of the references from the FCTS
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It can help you navigate through the electronic filing mechanics of your discrimination case.


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