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PACER Service Center
Technical issues such as log-in and password questions, and creating PDF documents, should be directed to the PACER Service Center help desk:
PACER Service Center
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278
Tel. 800-676-6856 or 210-301-6440

Eleventh Circuit ECF help desk
Procedural questions concerning how to docket a specific event should be directed to the Eleventh Circuit ECF help desk at 404-335-6125. This includes any instance in which an ECF Filer has transmitted a document to the ECF system and did not thereafter receive an NDA. The ECF help desk is available while the Clerk’s Office is open per 11th Cir. R. 45-1(b).
US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

Congratulations! You're now booked up on Section 13 from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal's eFiling Handbook (ie, the "Eleventh Circuit Guide to Electronic Filing")!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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