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12.1 In accordance with FRAP 25(a)(5) and 11th Cir. R. 25-5, an ECF Filer must redact all documents, including briefs, consistent with the privacy policy of the Judicial Conference of the United States. Required redactions include Social Security numbers and taxpayer identification numbers (use last four digits only), names of minor children (use initials only), birth dates (use year of birth only), financial account numbers (use last four digits only), and home addresses (use city and state only). It is the responsibility of the filer to redact pleadings appropriately.
12.2 Remote electronic access to immigration and Social Security dockets is limited. See FRAP 25(a)(5) and 11th Cir. R. 25-5. In this regard, remote electronic public access to the full record in these cases is restricted to judges, Court staff, and the parties and attorneys in the appeal or agency proceeding. Access to orders and opinions is not restricted in these cases. Parties seeking to restrict access to orders and opinions must file a motion explaining why that relief is required in a given case.
US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

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