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11.1. The electronically filed brief is the official record copy of the brief.
11.2. Use of the ECF system does not modify the requirements of the circuit rules that ECF Filers must provide to the Court the required number of paper copies of a brief, a petition for rehearing, a petition for initial en banc consideration, or a petition for rehearing en banc, specified in the circuit rules. ECF Filers will be considered to have complied with this requirement if, on the day the electronic brief or petition is filed, the filer sends the required number of paper copies to the clerk using one of the following methods outlined in FRAP 25(a)(2)(A)(ii):
a. mail to the clerk by First-Class Mail, or other class of mail that is at least as expeditious, postage prepaid; or
b. dispatch to a third-party commercial carrier for delivery to the clerk within three days.

US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

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