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6.1 Filing documents electronically does not in any way alter any filing deadlines. When a specific time of day deadline is set by Court order or stipulation, the electronic filing must be completed by that time. Otherwise, electronic filing must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time to be considered timely filed that day. An electronically filed document is deemed filed upon completion of the transmission and issuance of an NDA.

6.2 The uploading of an incorrect document, or the filing of a document in the wrong case, does not constitute compliance with filing deadlines. In the event that an ECF Filer uploads an incorrect document, or files a document in the wrong case, the clerk will send the ECF Filer notice of the error. If the ECF Filer corrects the error within 5 days of the clerk’s notice, a motion to file the document out of time is not required. Otherwise, the ECF Filer must also electronically file in the case a motion to file the document out of time.

6.3 When a correction to an electronically filed document (e.g., motion, brief, or appendix) is necessary, the ECF Filer must upload the entire new document, and not just the corrected pages.

6.4 An ECF Filer whose filing is untimely as the result of a technical failure may seek appropriate relief from the Court. To resolve a technical failure that may be attributable to the PACER Service Center or the Court, the filer should communicate with the appropriate contact person as shown in Section 13:
a. Technical issues such as log-in and password questions, and creating and uploading PDF documents, should be directed to the PACER Service Center help desk.
b. Procedural questions concerning how to docket a specific event should be directed to the Eleventh Circuit ECF help desk. This includes any instance in which an ECF Filer has transmitted a document to the ECF system and did not thereafter receive an NDA.

US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

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