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4.1 Except as otherwise required by circuit rule, this Guide, or by order of the Court, all documents submitted by attorneys in cases filed with the Eleventh Circuit must be filed electronically, using the Electronic Case Files (“ECF”) system. Non-incarcerated pro se parties are permitted to file documents electronically using the ECF system, unless the Court revokes that permission. The circuit rules and this Guide govern electronic filings.

4.2 All electronically filed documents must be in PDF form and must conform to all technical and format requirements established by the Court and, if any, the Judicial Conference of the United States. Whenever possible, documents must be in Text-Searchable PDF and not created by scanning.

4.3 The maximum size of a document that may be filed electronically is 50 MB (megabytes). If a document exceeds 50 MB, it must be filed in separate volumes, each not to exceed 50 MB.

4.4 The electronic filing of a Certificate of Interested Persons (CIP) in the ECF system does not relieve an ECF Filer who is an attorney of the requirement to also complete and keep updated the web-based CIP on the Court’s website. To complete the web-based CIP, counsel must obtain from the clerk an Eleventh Circuit EDF number that is independent of PACER and ECF passwords.

4.5 The following documents are exempted from the electronic filing requirement and are to be filed in paper format:
(1) Any document filed by an incarcerated party who is not represented by counsel;
(2) A document filed under seal or requested to be filed under seal;
(3) A voucher and associated documents pertaining to a claim for reimbursement of expenses under Addendum Five; and
(4) Any documents pertaining to a request for authorization, a claim for compensation, or a claim for reimbursement of expenses under the Criminal Justice Act that are not otherwise appropriate for submission through the eVoucher system.

4.6 No unrepresented incarcerated party may file electronically; such parties must submit documents in paper format. The clerk will scan such documents into the ECF system, and the electronic version scanned in by the clerk will constitute the official record of the Court as reflected on its docket. The clerk may divide an oversized document into separate volumes for purposes of scanning.

US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

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