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3.1 ECF Filers – An ECF Filer’s use of the assigned log-in and password to submit a document electronically serves as that filer’s signature on that document for all purposes. The identity of the ECF Filer submitting the electronically filed document must be reflected at the end of the document by means of an “s/[filer’s name]” block showing the filer’s name, followed by the filer’s business address (if applicable), telephone number, and e-mail address. Graphic and other electronic signatures are discouraged.

3.2 Multiple signatures – The ECF Filer of any electronically filed document requiring multiple signatures (e.g., stipulations) must list thereon all the names of other signatories by means of an “s/[filer’s name]” block for each. By submitting such a document, the ECF Filer certifies that each of the other filers has expressly agreed to the form and substance of the document, and that the ECF Filer has their authority to submit the document electronically.

3.3 Clerk of Court and Deputy Clerks – The electronic filing of any document by the clerk of court or a deputy clerk by use of that individual’s log-in and password shall be deemed the filing of a signed original document for all purposes.

US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals | CM/ECF Guide to Electronic Filing
Revised 12/1/2019

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