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• In some cases, you (or relatives where the victim is deceased) may be eligible for financial compensation from the State of Florida. Information regarding eligibility may be obtained from the State Attorney's Office, local Witness Coordination Office (where available), law enforcement agency or from the Bureau of Crimes Compensation, Office of the Attorney General - 1-800-226-6667, website: www.myfloridalegal.com/pages.nsf. The right to receive information on available crisis intervention services and local community services to include counseling, shelter, legal assistance, or other types of help, depending on the particular circumstances. Telephone numbers of these services are provided at the end of this brochure, (sec. 960.001(l)(a)l , Florida Statutes)
• The right to receive information regarding the stages of the criminal justice or juvenile justice processes and the way information about such stages may be obtained, (sec. 960.001(l)(a)4, Florida Statutes)
• A victim who is incarcerated has the right to be informed and submit written statements at all crucial stages of the criminal and juvenile proceedings. (sec. 960.001(l)(a)6, Florida Statutes)
• The right to receive information on the steps available to law enforcement and the State Attorney's Office to protect you from intimidation and/or harassment. It is a third-degree felony to knowingly use intimidation or physical force; threaten another person or attempt to do so; engage in misleading conduct toward another person; or offer pecuniary benefit or gain to another person. If you are being threatened or intimidated, please contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500 or any law enforcement officer, (sec. 960.001(l)(c), Florida Statutes)
• The right of the victim of domestic violence to be informed of the address confidentiality program administered through the Attorney General's Office. You may contact the Attorney General's Office at 1-800-226-6667. The State Attorney's Office may assist with this paperwork if necessary, (sec. 960.001(l)(c), Florida Statutes)
• The right of each victim, or witness, who has been scheduled to attend a criminal or juvenile justice proceeding to be notified as soon as possible by the agency or person scheduling his/her appearance of any change in scheduling which will affect the victim's or witness's appearance, (sec. 960.001(l)(d), Florida Statutes)
• The right to receive advance notification of judicial and post judicial proceedings relating to the case, including all proceedings or hearings relating to:
The arrest of the accused.
The release of the accused pending judicial proceedings, and any modification of release condition to include release to community control or work release.
Proceedings in the prosecution or petition for delinquency of the accused, including the filing of the accusatory instrument; the arraignment; disposition of the accusatory instrument; trial or adjudicatory hearing, sentencing or disposition hearing; appellate review; subsequent modification of sentence; collateral attack of a judgment; and when a term of imprisonment, detention, or involuntary commitment is imposed, the release of the defendant or juvenile offender from such imprisonment, detention or juvenile offender from such imprisonment; detention or commitment by expiration of sentence or parole and any meeting held to consider such release, (sec. 960.001(l)(e), Florida Statutes

• In addition to the provisions of sec. 921.143, Florida Statutes, the rights of the victim of a felony involving physical or emotional injury or trauma, or in a case in which the victim is a minor child or in a case involving a homicide, the guardian or family of the victim shall be consulted by the State Attorney in order to obtain the views of the victim or family about the disposition of any criminal or juvenile case brought about as a result of such crime, including their views about:
The release of the accused pending judicial proceedings.
Plea Agreements.
Participation in pretrial diversion programs.
Sentencing of the accused.

• The right to request that the State Attorney or law enforcement agency help you explain to employers and creditors that you may face additional burdens by taking time off from work to assist law enforcement and you may undergo serious financial strain either because of the crime or by cooperating with authorities, (sec. 960.001(l)(i), Florida Statutes)
• Law Enforcement agencies and the State Attorney shall inform you of your right to request and receive restitution and of your rights of enforcement in the event an offender does not pay. The State Attorney shall seek your assistance in the documentation of your losses for the purpose of requesting and receiving restitution. If an order of restitution is converted to a civil lien or civil judgment against the defendant, the Clerk of Court's office shall make available at their office, as well as on their website, information provided by the Secretary of State, the court, or The Florida Bar on enforcing the civil lien or judgment. The State Attorney shall inform you if and when restitution is ordered. (sec. 960.001(l)(j), Florida Statutes)
• The right to receive reasonable consideration and assistance from employees of the State Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Office, or Police Department. When requested, you will be assisted in locating accessible transportation and parking and shall be directed to separate pretrial waiting areas when such facilities are available. When requested, you shall receive assistance in attempting to locate translators when practicable, (sec. 960.001(l)(n), Florida Statutes)
• The right of the victim of a sexual offense to have the courtroom cleared, with certain exceptions during his or her testimony, regardless of the victim's age or mental capacity. (sec. 960.001(q), Florida Statutes)
• The right to request, in certain circumstances that the offender be required to attend a different school than the victim or siblings of the victim. If the victim of an offense committed by a juvenile is a minor, the victim or any sibling of the victim attends or is eligible to attend the same school as that of the offender, the Department of Juvenile Justice or the Department of Corrections shall notify the victim's parent or legal guardian of the right to attend the sentencing or disposition of the offender and request that the offender be required to attend a different school, (sec. 960.001(l)(s), Florida Statutes)
• The right of the victim who is not incarcerated to not be required to attend discovery depositions in any correctional facility, (sec. 960.001(6), Florida Statutes)
• The statutory obligation of the victim, parent/guardian of a minor victim, or next of kin of a homicide victim, that any information gained pursuant to Chapter 960, Florida Statutes, regarding any case handled in juvenile court, must not be revealed to any outside party, except as reasonably necessary in pursuit of legal remedies, (sec. 960.001(8), Florida Statutes)
• The right to know in certain cases and at the earliest possible opportunity, if the person charged with an offense has tested positive for hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. In such cases, upon request of the victim or the victim's legal guardian, or the parent or legal guardian of the victim if the victim is a minor, the court shall order such person to undergo hepatitis and HIV testing within 48 hours after the charging document is filed or 48 hours from the date of request. (Section 960.003, Florida Statutes)
• The right of a victim of a sexual offense to request the presence of a victim advocate during the forensic medical examination. An advocate from a certified rape crisis center shall be permitted to attend any forensic medical examination, (sec. 960.001(l)(u), Florida Statutes)
• If a victim has been diagnosed with autism or an autism spectrum disorder, he or she or the parent or guardian, has the right to request that a public safety official make a good faith effort to ensure that a related professional, such as a mental health counselor, special education instructor or clinical social worker be present for all interviews of the individual. All expenses related to the attendance of the professional at the interviews are the responsibility of the requesting victim, parent or guardian; however, the defendant shall reimburse the victim for all expenses related to the attendance of the professional at the interviews, in addition to restitution and penalties provided by law. (sec. 943.0439, Florida Statutes)

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