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INTAKE - The process of determining where a child under the age of 18 will be placed until the case is resolved. There are three forms of detention status: home, non-secure or secure.
DIVERSION PROGRAMS - This is an alternative to trial where the juvenile is placed in a community-based program such as juvenile arbitration, juvenile alternative services program (JASP), or a treatment plan (Walker plan). If a juvenile successfully completes the diversion program, then the charges are generally dismissed.
FORMAL CHARGES - The filing of a petition in court by the State Attorney's Office. The charge may be filed in either juvenile court or adult court, depending upon the crime and age of the offender.
ARRAIGNMENT - The accused is formally charged and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.
ADJUDICATORY HEARING - The trial of the juvenile, conducted in front of a judge. The judge will decide whether the juvenile committed the charged offense(s).
DISPOSITIONAL HEARING (SENTENCING) - When a juvenile is found to have committed a delinquent act, the court will hold a dispositional hearing to determine which sanctions to impose on the juvenile. The sanctions could range from community-based sanctions like probation and community services up to residential commitment'.
JUVENILES TRIED AS ADULTS - Juveniles who commit very serious crimes may be tried as adults. Juveniles who are prosecuted as adults may be sentenced to adult or juvenile sanctions.
This is not an exhaustive overview of the criminal justice system but is meant as an overview for how the process works. Each court and case could have unique components. You may contact your State Attorney or your assigned Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Victim Advocate for more information regarding the stages of the criminal justice and juvenile justice processes.

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