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The United States District Court for the Western District of New York utilizes a Case Management and Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system which requires all documents submitted to the court be filed electronically and, thereby, made available on the internet through a file access system called PACER. Pro se litigants cannot file documents electronically and must file hard-copies of all documents with the Clerk’s Office. All pro se litigants must be aware that even though they cannot file their documents electronically, all documents filed by them (except in Social Security Appeals, see pp. 36-37) are electronically scanned by the Clerk’s Office and can be accessed by anyone on the internet with a PACER account. Accordingly, all litigants must be careful not to include personal and confidential information in their documents without first redacting it (crossing out) because those documents may be accessed by the public on the internet. (Note: All case files are available at the Clerk’s Office for review by anyone unless the case file or a particular document have been ordered sealed by the Court). For specific information and directions regarding electronic case filing and privacy concerns, including directions on how to redact personal and confidential information and how to ask the Court to seal a case file or specific document, See the Court’s Privacy Notice, pp. 36-37. The Court’s Privacy Notice can also be obtained from the Clerk’s Office and on the Court’s website. (US District Court, New York, Western District // Buffalo, NY 14202 // Pro Se Litigation Guidelines)
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