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When an action is filed, Rules 16 and 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Local Rules govern case management. Read those rules carefully for deadlines.

One obligation near the beginning of a lawsuit is to meet with the other party’s lawyer (or, if unrepresented, the party) in person or by telephone, for a “case management conference” to develop a mutually agreeable discovery plan and mutually agreeable deadlines and dates as part of a “case management report” that must be filed with the court. In the report, the parties can also inform the court of any preliminary disputes or special considerations. The conference is also a good time to discuss how to resolve differences and settle without further court action. The conference is not meant to be adversarial; it is meant to be a cordial meeting of adults sharing a goal of the speedy, just, and inexpensive resolution of the dispute.

Once the report is filed, the court will use it to develop a “case management and scheduling order” that will govern the timeline for the action, including deadlines for completing discovery, deadlines for filing certain motions, and designation of the month and year in which the action will be tried (if not disposed of earlier).

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