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The clerk’s office maintains a computer record for each lawsuit. It includes a docket, which is a chronological list of all court events and documents filed in a case. You can view the docket at a public-access terminal in our clerk’s offices. A copy of a document in the docket cost $.50 a page if made by a clerk’s office employee and $.10 a page if made by the litigant using a terminal. The clerk’s office staff may provide basic docket information, in person or over the phone, but may charge a fee of $31 for a records search.

If you have internet access, you may also register for PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) and view and print the documents in a case. To register, go to the PACER registration page on the PACER website (www.pacer.gov) or call (800) 676-6856. Using PACER may cost $.10 a page for viewing or printing. PACER will give you details when you register. Problems with PACER should be addressed to PACER, not to the court.

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