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The Florida Bar's Pro Se Handbook

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer)
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0000ProSe-FLBar-[official]All-in-OnePDF/Page with the Florida Bar's Pro Se Handbook (in its entirety).
0001ProSe-FLBar-TBDDisclaimerTBD's disclaimer on this re-printed handbook.

-- | Preface
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0002ProSe-FLBar-PrefacePrefacePreface to the Florida Bar's Pro Se Handbook (in its entirety).
0003ProSe-TBD-FLBar-0000Item 00Disclaimer
0004ProSe-TBD-FLBar-0001Item 01Caution: The Dangers of Self-Representation
¶1 | Introduction
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0100ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 1Chapter 1Introduction to the Florida Bar's Pro Se Handbook (in its entirety).
0101ProSe-TBD-FLBar-010AItem 1AThe Importance of Meeting with an Appellate Attorney
0102ProSe-TBD-FLBar-010BItem 1BThe Final Judgment Rule and Why it is Important
0103ProSe-TBD-FLBar-010CItem 1CThe General Procedures for an Appeal
0104ProSe-TBD-FLBar-010DItem 1DConclusion
¶2 | Attorney's Fees
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0200ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 2Chapter 2Attorney's Fees.
0201ProSe-TBD-FLBar-020AItem 2AIs a Pro Se Litigant Entitled to Attorney’s Fees on Appeal?
0202ProSe-TBD-FLBar-020BItem 2BCan a Pro Se Litigant Be Responsible for the Opposing Party’s Attorney’s Fees?
0203ProSe-TBD-FLBar-020CItem 2CWho is Entitled to or Responsible for Court Costs on Appeal?
0204ProSe-TBD-FLBar-020DItem 2DHow Are Costs Incurred on Appeal Recovered?
¶3 | Record
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0300ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 3Chapter 3Record.
0301ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030AItem 3AOverview of the Record on Appeal
0302ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030BItem 3BGetting the Record on Appeal to the Appellate Court
0303ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030CItem 3CAssembling the Record on Appeal Generally
0304ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030DItem 3DCivil Appeals
0305ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030EItem 3ECriminal Appeals
0306ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030FItem 3FPostconviction Appeals
0307ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030GItem 3GWorkers’ Compensation Appeals
0308ProSe-TBD-FLBar-030HItem 3HAdministrative Appeals
¶4 | Motion Practice
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0400ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 4Chapter 4Motion Practice.
0401ProSe-TBD-FLBar-0400Item 4Motion Practice in the Appellate Courts
¶5 | Writing an Appellate Brief
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0500ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 5Chapter 5Writing an Appellate Brief.
0501ProSe-TBD-FLBar-050AItem 5AIntroduction
0502ProSe-TBD-FLBar-050BItem 5BFormatting for All Briefs
0503ProSe-TBD-FLBar-050CItem 5CContents of the Initial Brief and Answer Brief.
0504ProSe-TBD-FLBar-050DItem 5DThe Reply Brief
¶6 | Checklist
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0600ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 6Chapter 6Checklist.
0601ProSe-TBD-FLBar-0600Item 6Checklist for Appellate Briefs and Generally Petitions in the District Courts of Appeal
¶7 | Timeline (Final Orders)
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0700ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 7Chapter 7Timeline.
0701ProSe-TBD-FLBar-0700Item 7Timeline for Appeals from Final Orders of Lower Tribunals
¶8 | Appellate Process
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0800ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 8Chapter 8Appalle Process.
0801ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080AItem 8AIntroduction
0802ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080BItem 8BThe Handbook
0803ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080CItem 8CThe Final Judgment Rule
0804ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080DItem 8DTips for Determining Finality
0805ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080EItem 8EHow, When, and Where to File an Appeal from a Final Order or Judgment
0806ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080FItem 8FAfter Filing the Notice of Appeal, What Happens Next?
0807ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080GItem 8GWhat Does the Appellate Court Review?
0808ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080HItem 8HA Few More Important Points About Preserving Arguments for an Appeal
0809ProSe-TBD-FLBar-080IItem 8XFlowchart Final Appeals
¶9 | Appealling Non-Final Orders
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0900ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 9Chapter 9Appealling Non-Final Orders.
0901ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090AItem 9AIntroduction
0902ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090BItem 9BTime for Appealing a Non-Final Order
0903ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090CItem 9CWhere the Appeal Needs to Be Filed and What a Notice of Appeal Looks Like
0904ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090DItem 9DThe Main Ways that a Non-Final Appeal Is Different From a Final Appeal
0905ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090EItem 9ESpecial Issues for Non-Final Appeals in Criminal Cases
0906ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090FItem 9FSpecial Issues for Non-Final Appeals in Juvenile Delinquency Cases
0907ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090GItem 9GSpecial Issues for Non-Final Appeals in Workers’ Compensation Cases
0908ProSe-TBD-FLBar-090HItem 9HSpecial Issues for Non-Final Appeals in Administrative Law Cases
¶10 | Extraordinary Writs
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1000ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 10Chapter 10Extraordinary Writs.
1001ProSe-TBD-FLBar-100AItem 10AIntroduction
1002ProSe-TBD-FLBar-100BItem 10BTypes of Extraordinary Writs in Civil Cases
1003ProSe-TBD-FLBar-100CItem 10CImportant Appellate Rules
1004ProSe-TBD-FLBar-100DItem 10DProcedure for Extraordinary Writs
1005ProSe-TBD-FLBar-100EItem 10EConclusion
¶11 | Stays Pending Review
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1100ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 11Chapter 11Stays Pending Reviews.
1101ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110AItem 11AIntroduction
1102ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110BItem 11BLower Tribunal’s Continuing Power to Handle “Stay” Motions
1103ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110CItem 11CFactors for Imposing a “Stay” Pending Review, Generally
1104ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110DItem 11DMoney Judgments
1105ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110EItem 11EPublic Entities and Officers
1106ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110FItem 11FReview of a Stay Order
1107ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110GItem 11GAdministrative Cases
1108ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110HItem 11HLength of the Stay
1109ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110IItem 11IMortgage Foreclosure Stays
1110ProSe-TBD-FLBar-110JItem 11JConclusion
¶12 | Anders Briefs: Criminal Defendants
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1200ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 12Chapter 12Anders Briefs: Criminal Defendants.
1201ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120AItem 12AIntroduction
1202ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120BItem 12BWhat is an Anders Brief and Why Would an Attorney File One?
1203ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120CItem 12CReceiving the Anders Brief and the Record on Appeal
1204ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120DItem 12DCompliance with Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.210
1205ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120EItem 12EPrison Law Libraries & Inmate Law Clerks
1206ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120FItem 12FThe Goal in Writing a Pro Se Brief
1207ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120GItem 12GIneffective Assistance of Counsel
1208ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120HItem 12HWriting a Pro Se Brief
1209ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120IItem 12IMotions for Extension of Time in an Anders Appeal
1210ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120JItem 12JFiling and Serving the Pro Se Brief
1211ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120KItem 12KAnswer Briefs
1212ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120LItem 12LReply Brief
1213ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120MItem 12MDisposition in the Appellate Court
1214ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120NItem 12NMotions for Rehearing, Clarification, Certification, and Rehearing En Banc
1215ProSe-TBD-FLBar-120OItem 12OMandate
¶13 | Motions for Post-Conviction Relief
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1300ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 13Chapter 13Motions for Post-Conviction Relief.
1301ProSe-TBD-FLBar-130AItem 13AIntroduction
1302ProSe-TBD-FLBar-130BItem 13BFlorida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.800
1303ProSe-TBD-FLBar-130CItem 13CFlorida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.801
1304ProSe-TBD-FLBar-130DItem 13DFlorida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.850
¶14 | Appeals Regarding Parental Rights
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1400ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 14Chapter 14Appeals Regarding Parental Rights.
1401ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140AItem 14AIntroduction
1402ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140BItem 14BParties to a Chapter 39 Proceeding
1403ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140CItem 14CThe Right to Counsel in Chapter 39 Proceedings
1404ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140DItem 14DThe Right to Counsel on Appeal from Dependency and Termination Orders
1405ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140EItem 14ERepresentation During the Appeal
1406ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140FItem 14FAppealing Orders in Dependency Proceedings
1407ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140GItem 14GAppealing Orders in Dependency Proceedings
1408ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140HItem 14HAppeals from Orders Terminating Parental Rights
1409ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140IItem 14INon-Final Orders
1410ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140JItem 14JGetting Started in Writing the Pro Se Brief
1411ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140KItem 14KThe Parts of the Pro Se Brief
1412ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140LItem 14LMotions for Extension of Time
1413ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140MItem 14MFiling and Serving the Pro Se Brief
1414ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140NItem 14NAnswer Briefs
1415ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140OItem 14OReply Brief
1416ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140PItem 14PDisposition in the Appellate Court
1417ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140QItem 14QMotions for Rehearing, Clarification, Certification, and Rehearing En Banc
1418ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140RItem 14RMandate
1419ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140SItem 14SBelated Appeals: What Happens if Your Attorney Fails to Timely File a Notice of Appeal?
1420ProSe-TBD-FLBar-140TItem 14TWhat Can Be Done If Your Attorney Did Not Do a Good Job?
¶15 | Administrative Appeals
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1500ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 15Chapter 15Administrative Appeals.
1501ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150AItem 15AIntroduction
1502ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150BItem 15BOrders that Can Be Appealed
1503ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150CItem 15CProcedures for an Administrative Appeal
1504ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150DItem 15DStarting the Administrative Appeal: What to File, Where, and When
1505ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150EItem 15EThe Appellate Record
1506ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150FItem 15FStays While the Appeal is Pending
1507ProSe-TBD-FLBar-150GItem 15GThe Appellate Briefing Process in an Administrative Appeal
¶16 | Unemployment Compensation Appeals
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1600ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 16Chapter 16Unemployment Compensation Appeals.
1601ProSe-TBD-FLBar-160AItem 16AIntroduction
1602ProSe-TBD-FLBar-160BItem 16BThe Initial Claim and Hearing Process
1603ProSe-TBD-FLBar-160CItem 16CReview by the District Court of Appeal
¶17 | Workers' Compensation Appeals
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1700ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 17Chapter 17Workers' Compensation Appeals.
1701ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170AItem 17AIntroduction
1702ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170BItem 17BNotice of Appeal
1703ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170CItem 17CFiling Fees
1704ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170DItem 17DDesignations of Record
1705ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170EItem 17EThe Costs of Preparing the Record on Appeal
1706ProSe-TBD-FLBar-170FItem 17FAppellant’s Briefs
¶18 | Oral Argument
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1800ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 18Chapter 18Oral Argument.
1801ProSe-TBD-FLBar-1800Item 18Oral Argument in Florida’s Appellate Courts and Florida’s Supreme Court
¶19 | Post Decision Motions
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1900ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 19Chapter 19Post Decision Motions.
1901ProSe-TBD-FLBar-190AItem 19AIntroduction
1902ProSe-TBD-FLBar-190BItem 19BWhat, Where, and When to File Post-Decision Motions and What to Expect
¶20 | Jurisdiction (Florida Supreme Court)
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2000ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 20Chapter 20Jurisdiction (Florida Supreme Court).
2001ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200AItem 20AOverview of the Florida Supreme Court
2002ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200BItem 20BTypes of Cases the Florida Supreme Court Hears
2003ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200CItem 20CWhen to Seek Review in the Florida Supreme Court
2004ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200DItem 20DHow to Seek Discretionary Review in the Florida Supreme Court
2005ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200EItem 20EProcedures After Filing a Notice to Invoke Discretionary Jurisdiction
2006ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200FItem 20FWhat Happens After the Brief on Jurisdiction is Filed in Discretionary Review Cases
2007ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200GItem 20GWhat Happens Next if the Florida Supreme Court Accepts Discretionary Jurisdiction
2008ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200HItem 20HThe Record on Appeal in Discretionary Review Cases
2009ProSe-TBD-FLBar-200IItem 20IHow to Invoke the Mandatory Jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court
¶21 | Jurisdiction (US Supreme Court)
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2100ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 21Chapter 21Jurisdiction (US Supreme Court).
2101ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210AItem 21AGuide for Prospective Indigent Petitioners for Writs of Certiorari
2102ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210BItem 21BNature of US Supreme Court Review
2103ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210CItem 21CAdditional Information About the Example Forms
2104ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210DItem 21DSample Motion for Leave to Proceed in Forma Pauperis
2105ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210EItem 21ESample Petition for Writ of Certiorari
2106ProSe-TBD-FLBar-210FItem 21FSample Proof of Service
¶22 | Contact Information
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2200ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 22Chapter 22Contact Information.
2201ProSe-TBD-FLBar-2200Item 22Appeals-Related Court Contact Information
¶23 | Glossary
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2300ProSe-FLBar-Chapter 23Chapter 23Glossary.
2301ProSe-TBD-FLBar-2300Item 23Glossary
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