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DOAH's Pro Se Handbook

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer)
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000ProSe-DOAH-[official]All-in-OnePDF/Page with the entire Pro Se Handbook (DOAH).
001ProSe-DOAH-TBDDisclaimerTBD's disclaimer on this re-printed handbook.
Section by Section
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100ProSe-TBD-DOAH-0Item 0Basic Info
101ProSe-TBD-DOAH-AItem AIntroduction
102ProSe-TBD-DOAH-BItem BWhat is the Division of Administrative Hearings?
103ProSe-TBD-DOAH-CItem CHow Will I Know if My Case Has Been Sent to DOAH?
104ProSe-TBD-DOAH-DItem DWill I Receive Other Notices from DOAH?
105ProSe-TBD-DOAH-EItem EWhat If the Hearing is Scheduled for a Time When I Am Not Available?
106ProSe-TBD-DOAH-FItem FDo I Have the Right to See Information Held by the Other Parties to My Case?
107ProSe-TBD-DOAH-GItem GHow Do I Subpoena A Witness or Object to A Subpoena?
108ProSe-TBD-DOAH-HItem HDo I Have to Be Represented by An Attorney at the Hearing?
109ProSe-TBD-DOAH-IItem IHow Should I Prepare for the Hearing?
110ProSe-TBD-DOAH-JItem JWhere Will the Hearing be Held?
111ProSe-TBD-DOAH-KItem KWhat Will Happen at the Hearing?
112ProSe-TBD-DOAH-LItem LWill the Judge Ask for Additional Information After the Hearing?
113ProSe-TBD-DOAH-MItem MWhen Will I Receive the Judge's Order?
114ProSe-TBD-DOAH-NItem NWhat if I Decide That I Do Not Wish to Proceed with My Hearing?
115ProSe-TBD-DOAH-OItem OWhat Will Happen if I Do Not Appear at the Hearing?
116ProSe-TBD-DOAH-PItem PMay I Get A Transcript (Written Record) of the Hearing?
117ProSe-TBD-DOAH-QItem QMay I Object to the Matters Contained in a Recommended Order?
118ProSe-TBD-DOAH-RItem RWhen Must a Final Decision Be Made?
119ProSe-TBD-DOAH-SItem SIs There Any Further Appeal from the Agency's Final Decision?
120ProSe-TBD-DOAH-TItem TConfidential Information
121ProSe-TBD-DOAH-UItem UAmericans With Disabilities Act

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