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Item [D] | DOAH's Pro Se Handbook
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In most cases, you will receive an Initial Order which will provide procedural instructions concerning the proceeding and ask you to advise the Judge within seven days as to your preference for the date and place of hearing, and your estimate of the time necessary to conduct the hearing. Normally, the hearing will be held within 90 days after the case is referred to DOAH, and it usually will be held in your county. If you do not advise the Judge of your preferences, the hearing may be held in Tallahassee on a date that fits the Judge's schedule.

In all cases, you will receive a Notice of Hearing. In most cases, it will be sent at least 14 days prior to the date of hearing. The Notice of Hearing will advise you of the time and place of the hearing and some basic information about the issues to be considered and hearing procedures.

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