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Required Contents. In proceedings for review of orders of an agency, board, commission, or officer, the petitioner must file an Appendix containing:
1.Relevant docket entries in the proceeding below;
2.Relevant portions of the pleadings, charge, findings, or opinion;
3.Judgment, order, or decision filed by the agency, board, commission, or officer
4.Other parts of the record to which the petitioner wishes to direct the Court’s attention.

Note: The respondent is not required to file an appendix in agency cases.
Durable White Covers (front & back)
Indexing Tabs (Tab numbers corresponding to district court document numbers)
No more than 250 single-sided sheets of paper in each volume

Number Required:
Prisoner Pro Se: None
Pro Se IFP:1 paper copy
Other:2 paper copies
Filers using the ECF system must also file electronically

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