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Required Contents. If appealing from the denial or grant of summary judgment, the appellant must file an Appendix containing:
2.District Court docket sheet

Items 3-13 to be arranged chronologically by date of entry into the record:
3.Indictment, information, or petition as amended
4.Parts of any pretrial order relevant to issues on appeal
5.Judgment or interlocutory order appealed from
6.Other order(s) sought to be reviewed
7.Supporting opinion, findings of fact and conclusions of law filed or delivered orally by the court
8.Jury instruction (if correctness in issue)
9.Magistrate’s report and recommendation, when appealing a court order adopting same in whole or in part
10.Relevant parts of any document whose interpretation is central to the issues on appeal
11.If any issue concerns the guilty plea, the transcript of the guilty plea colloquy and any written plea agreement
12.If any issue concerns the sentence, the transcript of the sentencing proceeding, and the presentence investigation report and addenda, under seal in a separate envelope
13.Any other pleadings, affidavits, transcripts, filings, documents, or exhibits that appellant believes will be helpful to this Court in deciding the appeal
14.Certificate of Service, if required by FRAP 25(d)

Durable White Covers (front & back)
Indexing Tabs (Tab numbers corresponding to district court document numbers)
No more than 250 single-sided sheets of paper in each volume

Number Required:
Prisoner Pro Se: None
Pro Se IFP:1 paper copy
Other:2 paper copies
Filers using the ECF system must also file electronically

Congratulations! You're now booked up on Item III from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals' Pro Se Handbook!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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