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If you think the Court’s final decision on the merits of your case is incorrect, you may file a petition for rehearing within 21 days of the entry of the judgment (or 45 days if your case is a civil case and there is a federal participant). No additional time is allowed for mailing.

Unless you are incarcerated or filing electronically, the petition must be physically received in the Clerk’s Office on the due date. 11th Cir. R. 40-3.

• You must have a legal basis to support your belief that the Court’s final decision was incorrect; it is not enough to simply disagree with the outcome.
• Number of copies:
► Panel Rehearing – original and 3 copies; white covers
► Rehearing En Banc – original and 14 copies; white covers

Use of the ECF system does not modify the requirement that filers must provide to the Court the required number of paper copies of a petition for rehearing.

If you do not file a petition for rehearing in this Court, you may file a petition for a writ of certiorari directly in the United States Supreme Court. Consult the Supreme Court’s Rules before filing a petition for writ of certiorari.

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