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You may be required to include with briefs and other papers a certificate of compliance (“CoC”) showing that your document does not exceed the applicable length limits. The general rules are set out below, but see the “Sample Certificate of Compliance” at the end of this document for additional information.

• CoC is required for briefs filed in reliance on a word or line limit
• CoC is not required for briefs filed in reliance on page limits

Motions, Responses, Replies, Petitions, and Answers
• CoC is required if paper is produced using a computer (word limits apply)
• CoC is not required if paper is handwritten or typewritten (page limits apply)

Application for a Certificate of Appealability
• CoC is required if a CoC would otherwise be required under FRAP 32(a)(7)(B). See 11th Cir. R. 22-2.

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