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• In general, only cases which have been first filed, and finally decided, in a United States District Court or Bankruptcy Court within this Circuit (Alabama, Florida, and Georgia), the United States Tax Court, and certain federal agencies may be appealed to this Court. This Court does not have authority to act in appeals from state and county courts.
• Once your appeal has been assigned a Court of Appeals case number, (example: 20-00000-AA) include this number and the alpha character(s) on all correspondence and filings you send to this Court and to opposing counsel/party.
• Keep a copy of all documents you send to this Court for your personal files.
• Your documents can be typed or written, but must be legible. If the Clerk cannot read the documents you’ve sent, they will not be processed.
• Notify the Clerk’s Office in writing if you move or your mailing address changes. If you do not, you could miss important notices and papers providing deadlines or decisions in your case. Missing a filing deadline may cause your case to be dismissed.

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