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Pattern Jury Instructions - 11th Circuit

Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

Original Source: CA11.USCourts.gov
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000logoAdobeAll-in-One[official] PDF/Page containing the 11th Circuit's Pattern Jury Instructions.
001logoAdobeDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing the 11th Circuit's Pattern Jury Instructions.
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010logoAdobePart 0Preamble
Part I: Preliminary Instructions
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100logoAdobePart 1Preliminary Instructions (entire chapter)
101logoAdobe1 PJI 1General Preliminary Instruction
102logoAdobe1 PJI 2Burden of Proof - Clear and Convincing Evidence
103logoAdobe1 PJI 3Official English Translation/Interpretation
104logoAdobe1 PJI 4Jury Questions
105logoAdobe1 PJI 5Interim Statements
106logoAdobe1 PJI 6.1Copyright - Preliminary Instructions
107logoAdobe1 PJI 6.2Copyright - Introduction to Copyright Claim
Part II: Trial Instructions
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200logoAdobePart 2Trial Instructions (entire chapter)
201logoAdobe2 PJI 1Stipulations
202logoAdobe2 PJI 2Use of Depositions
203logoAdobe2 PJI 3Use of Recorded Conversations and Transcripts
204logoAdobe2 PJI 4Interim Statements
205logoAdobe2 PJI 5Judicial Notice
206logoAdobe2 PJI 6Use of Interrogatories
207logoAdobe2 PJI 7In-Trial Instructions on News Coverage
208logoAdobe2 PJI 8Civil Allen Charge
Part III: Basic Instructions
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300logoAdobePart 3Basic Instructions (entire chapter)
301logoAdobe3 PJI 1Introduction
302logoAdobe3 PJI 2Duty to Follow Instructions - No Corporate Party Involved
303logoAdobe3 PJI 2.2Duty to Follow Instructions – Corporate Party Involved
304logoAdobe3 PJI 2.3Duty to Follow Instructions – Government Entity or Agency Involved
305logoAdobe3 PJI 3Consideration of Direct and Circumstantial Evidence; Argument of Counsel; Comments...
306logoAdobe3 PJI 4Credibility of Witnesses
307logoAdobe3 PJI 5.1Impeachment of Witnesses because of Inconsistent Statements
308logoAdobe3 PJI 5.2Impeachment of Witnesses because of Inconsistent Statements or Felony Conviction
309logoAdobe3 PJI 6.1Expert Witness
310logoAdobe3 PJI 6.2Expert Witness – When Expert Fees Represent a Significant Portion of the Witness’s Income
311logoAdobe3 PJI 7.1Responsibility for Proof - Plaintiff's Claim[s], Cross Claims, Counterclaims...
312logoAdobe3 PJI 7.2Responsibility for Proof - Affirmative Defense Preponderance of the Evidence
313logoAdobe3 PJI 8.1Duty to Deliberate when only the Plaintiff Claims Damages
314logoAdobe3 PJI 8.2Duty to Deliberate when both Plaintiff and Defendant Claim Damages or when...
315logoAdobe3 PJI 9Election of Foreperson Explanation of Verdict Forms
Part IV: Adverse Employment Action Claims Instructions
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400logoAdobePart 4Adverse Employment Action Claims Instructions (entire chapter)
401logoAdobe4 PJI 1Public Employee - First Amendment Claim - Discharge or Failure to Promote...
402logoAdobe4 PJI 2Public Employee - First Amendment Claim - Discharge or Failure to Promote...
403logoAdobe4 PJI 3Public Employee - Equal Protection Claim - Race/Sex Discrimination - Hostile...
404logoAdobe4 PJI 4Public Employee - Equal Protection Claim - Race/Sex Discrimination - Hostile...
405logoAdobe4 PJI 5Title VII - Civil Rights Act - Discrimination - Discharge or Failure to Promote...
406logoAdobe4 PJI 6Title VII - Civil Rights Act - Workplace Harassment by Supervisor - No...
407logoAdobe4 PJI 7Title VII - Civil Rights Act - Workplace Harassment by Co-worker or Third Party - No...
408logoAdobe4 PJI 8Title VII - Civil Rights Act - Workplace Harassment - Unwelcome Sexual Advances...
409logoAdobe4 PJI 9Civil Rights Act - 42 USC §1981 - Race Discrimination in Employment - Discharge or...
410logoAdobe4 PJI 10Age Discrimination in Employment Act - 29 USC §621-634
411logoAdobe4 PJI 11Americans with Disabilities Act - Disparate Treatment Claim - 42 USC §12101-12117
412logoAdobe4 PJI 12Americans with Disabilities Act - Reasonable Accommodation Claim - 42 USC §12101-12117
413logoAdobe4 PJI 13Equal Pay Act - 29 USC §206(d)(1) and (3)
414logoAdobe4 PJI 14Fair Labor Standards Act - 29 USC §201 et seq
415logoAdobe4 PJI 15Family and Medical Leave Act - Retaliation Claims - 29 USC §2601-2654
416logoAdobe4 PJI 16Family and Medical Leave Act - Interference Claims (NEW) - 29 USC §2601-2654
417logoAdobe4 PJI 17Employee Claim Against Employer and Union (Vaca v Sipes)
418logoAdobe4 PJI 18USERRA - 38 USC §4311(a) - USERRA Discrimination - Including "Same Decision" Defense
419logoAdobe4 PJI 19USERRA - 38 USC §4311(b) - USERRA Retaliation
420logoAdobe4 PJI 20USERRA - 38 USC §4312 - Reemployment
421logoAdobe4 PJI 21Retaliation - 42 USC §1981
422logoAdobe4 PJI 22Retaliation - Section 1981, Title VII, ADEA, ADA, and FLSA
423logoAdobe4 PJI 23Miscellaneous Issues - Constructive Discharge
424logoAdobe4 PJI 24Miscellaneous Issues - Employee or Independent Contractor
425logoAdobe4 PJI 25Miscellaneous Issues - Joint Employers
426logoAdobe4 PJI 26Miscellaneous Issues - Alter Ego - Corporation as Alter Ego of Stockholder
427logoAdobe4 PJI 27Miscellaneous Issues - Alter Ego - Subsidiary as Alter Ego of Parent Corporation
Part VII: Civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Instructions
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700logoAdobePart VIICivil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Instructions (entire chapter)
701logoAdobe7 PJI 1Acquiring an Interest in an Enterprise by Use of Income - 18 USC §1962(a)
702logoAdobe7 PJI 2Acquiring or Maintaining an Interest in or Control of an Enterprise - 18 USC §1962(b)
703logoAdobe7 PJI 3Conduct the Affairs of the Enterprise - 18 USC §1962(c)
704logoAdobe7 PJI 4Conspiracy to Conduct the Affairs of the Enterprise - 18 USC §1962(d)
705logoAdobe7 PJI 5Framework for Special Interrogatories to the Jury - 18 USC §1962(a)-(c)
Get booked up on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal's Pattern Jury Instructions!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in federal court.


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