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2 PJI 13 | Third Circuit (US)
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At this time you are going hear conversations that were recorded. This is proper evidence for you to consider. Please listen to it very carefully. I am going to allow you to have a transcript of the recording [prepared by ___________] to help you identify speakers and as a guide to help you listen to the recording. If you believe at any point that the transcript says something different from what you hear on the recording, remember it is the recording that is the evidence, not the transcript. Any time there is a variation between the recording and the transcript, you must be guided solely by what you hear on the recording and not by what you see in the transcript.

[In this case there are two transcripts because there is a difference of opinion as to what is said on the recording. You may disregard any portion of either or both transcripts if you believe they reflect something different from what you hear on the recording. It is what you hear on the recording that is evidence, not the transcripts.]

COMMENT The instruction is derived from former Ninth Circuit 2.7. Cf. Ninth Circuit 2.5.

This instruction can be modified to be given sometime after the recording is heard, e.g., at the close of the case. See Sixth Circuit (Criminal) § 7.17:
You have heard some tape recordings that were received in evidence, and you were given some written transcripts of the tapes. Keep in mind that the transcripts are not evidence. They were given to you only as a guide to help you follow what was being said. The tapes themselves are the evidence. If you noticed any differences between what you heard on the tapes and what you read in the transcripts, you must rely on what you heard, not what you read. And if you could not hear or understand certain parts of the tapes, you must ignore the transcripts as far as those parts are concerned.

(Last Updated October 2017)

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