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[Name of party] has presented exhibits in the form of charts and summaries. I decided to admit these charts and summaries in place of the underlying documents that they represent in order to save time and avoid unnecessary inconvenience. You should consider these charts and summaries as you would any other evidence.
COMMENT The instruction is derived from Sand et al., Modern Federal Jury Instructions, No. 74-11 (2004). “[C]harts and summaries are powerful visual displays for which some judicial explanation is required. Such an instruction will ensure that they are not given improper consideration by the jury.” Id.; compare Instruction 2.8 (providing a limiting instruction when charts and summaries are not evidence).

For a variation, see Ninth Circuit 2.13 (“Charts and summaries are only as good as the underlying evidence that supports them. You should, therefore, give them only such weight as you think the underlying evidence deserves.”).

(Last Updated October 2017)

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