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The [parties] have agreed that [set forth stipulated fact or facts] [is/are] true. [The parties have stipulated that certain facts are true, and those stipulations have been read to you during this trial.] You must therefore treat [this fact] [these facts] as having been proved for the purposes of this case.
COMMENT The instruction is derived from Fifth Circuit 2.3 and Eighth Circuit 2.03. For a variation, see Ninth Circuit 2.2 (using “should” rather than “must”). The bracketed material concerning stipulated facts previously read to the jury can be used when the stipulations are too numerous to recount.

This instruction could be applied to matters admitted by way of pleading or a request for admission, as well as to facts stipulated during the trial. If a stipulation or admission is as to a matter of fact, the jury is to be instructed that it must consider the fact as true. Compare Instruction 2.3 (stipulation as to what testimony would be if given).

(Last Updated October 2017)

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