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Pattern Jury Instructions - US - 1st Circuit

Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

All-in-One Documents
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000CA01-PJI-[official]CA01 (all-in-one)[official] PDF/Page containing the 1st Circuit's Pattern Jury Instructions.
001CA01-PJIDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing the pertinent parts of the 1st Circuit's Pattern Jury Instructions.
Part I: General Information
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100P01-PJI-CA01Part I - GenIntroductory/General information for jurors
102PJI-CA01-00S0000IntroIntroduction to the Pattern Jury Instructions (District Courts - 1st Circuit)
103PJI-CA01-01S01001 PJI 1General Rules Concerning Jury Duties
104PJI-CA01-01S02001 PJI 2Rules of Law
105PJI-CA01-01S03001 PJI 3Jury Deliberations
Part II: Employment Discrimination
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200P02-PJI-CA01Part II - EmpPattern Jury Instructions for employment discrimination cases (Title VII, FCRA, etc.)
201PJI-CA01-02S0000IntroIntroductory Notes
202PJI-CA01-02S01012 PJI 1.1General Discrimination: Pretext
203PJI-CA01-02S01022 PJI 1.2General Discrimination: Mixed Motive
204PJI-CA01-02S01032 PJI 1.3Special Verdict Form: General Discrimination — Mixed Motive Case
205PJI-CA01-02S02012 PJI 2.1Sexual Harassment — Quid Pro Quo
206PJI-CA01-02S02022 PJI 2.2Sexual Harassment — Hostile Environment Created by Supervisors or Defendant Itself
207PJI-CA01-02S02032 PJI 2.3Sexual Harassment — Hostile Environment Created by Co-workers, Customers, etc.
208PJI-CA01-02S03012 PJI 3.1Disability Discrimination
209PJI-CA01-02S03022 PJI 3.2Reasonable Accommodation
210PJI-CA01-02S04012 PJI 4.1Equal Pay Act
211PJI-CA01-02S05012 PJI 5.1Retaliation
212PJI-CA01-02S06012 PJI 6.1Constructive Discharge
213PJI-CA01-02S07012 PJI 7.1Missing Witness
214PJI-CA01-02S08012 PJI 8.1Spoliation
215PJI-CA01-02S09012 PJI 9.1Compensatory Damages
216PJI-CA01-02S09022 PJI 9.2ADEA Damages
217PJI-CA01-02S09032 PJI 9.3Special Verdict Form: ADEA Damages — Pretext Case
218PJI-CA01-02S09042 PJI 9.4Equal Pay Act Damages
219PJI-CA01-02S09052 PJI 9.5Special Verdict Form: Equal Pay Act Damages
220PJI-CA01-02S10012 PJI 10.1Punitive Damages
221PJI-CA01-02S11012 PJI 11.1Charge to a Hung Jury
Get booked up on the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal's Pattern Jury Instructions!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in federal court.


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