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Official Law Reviews on Judicial Immunity

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0000AdobeLogoAll-in-OneDocument containing official copies of all below-listed law reviews.
0001AdobeLogoDisclaimerTBD's disclaimer on these re-printed law reviews.
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Catholic University's Law Review | 1980 | The Judge Needs a Lawyer
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0100AdobeLogoCath. Univ. 1980Page containing Catholic University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1980).
0101AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0102AdobeLogoSection ISuits against Judges and the Immunity Doctrine
0103AdobeLogoSection IIJudicial Disciplinary Commissions
0104AdobeLogoSection IIIDefending the Judge
0105AdobeLogoSection IVConclusion
Catholic University's Law Review | 2000 | The Problem of "The Judge Who Makes...
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0200AdobeLogoCath. Univ. 2000Page containing Catholic University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (2000).
0201AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0202AdobeLogoSection ILiability for Judicial Misconduct in our Legal System
0203AdobeLogoSection IIJudicial Immunity in Roman Law
0204AdobeLogoSection IIIConclusions
Cato Journal's Law Review | Judicial Immunity vs. Due Process: When Should a Judge...
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0300AdobeLogoCato 1987Document containing the Cato Institute's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1987).
0301AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0302AdobeLogoSection IThe American Concept of Due Process
0303AdobeLogoSection IIDue Process and Judicial Immunity
0304AdobeLogoSection IIIImmunity and Civil Rights Legislation
0305AdobeLogoSection IVThe Policy Underlying Judicial Immunity
0306AdobeLogoSection VThe Due Process Clause as a Limit on Immunity
0307AdobeLogoSection VIConclusion
DePaul University's Law Review | Persons who are not "Persons": Absolute Judicial...
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0400AdobeLogoDePaul 1978Document containing DePaul University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1978).
0401AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0402AdobeLogoSection ILegislative Immunity from Liability for Damages: Tenney v. Brandhove
0403AdobeLogoSection IIState Legislators and Protected Legislative Conduct
0404AdobeLogoSection IIIState Legislative Employees
0405AdobeLogoSection IVLocal Legislators
0406AdobeLogoSection VJudicial Immunity from Liability for Damages: Pierson v. Ray
0407AdobeLogoSection VIPersons Protected by Judicial Immunity
0408AdobeLogoSection VIIInjunctive Relief: an Exception to Judicial Immunity
0409AdobeLogoSection VIIIProsecutorial Immunity from Liability for Damages: Imbler...
0410AdobeLogoSection IXProsecutorial Immunity in the Circuits
0411AdobeLogoSection XConclusion
Duke University's Law Review | Stump v. Sparkman and the History of Judicial Immunity
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0500AdobeLogoDuke 1980Document containing Duke University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1980).
0501AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0502AdobeLogoSection IThe History of the Doctrine of Judicial Immunity
0503AdobeLogoSection IIProposals for Reform
0504AdobeLogoSection IIIConclusion
University of Florida's Law Review | Judicial Immunity... Tyranny from the Bench
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0600AdobeLogoFlorida 1978Official copy of the University of Florida's Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1978).
0601AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
Fordham University's Law Review | What Constitutes a Judicial Act...
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0700AdobeLogoFordham 1985Document containing Fordham University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1985).
0701AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0702AdobeLogoSection IThe Stump Definition of Judicial Act
0703AdobeLogoSection IISubstantive Problems with the Stump Definition of Judicial Act
0704AdobeLogoSection IIIProcedural Problems with the Stump Definition of a Judicial Act
0705AdobeLogoSection IVConclusion
Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly | Judicial Immunity and Sovereignty
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0800AdobeLogoHastings 1978Document containing Hastings' Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1978).
0801AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0802AdobeLogoSection IAsserted Justifications for the Special Status of the Judicial...
0803AdobeLogoSection IIOmitted Justifications for Absolute Judicial Immunity
0804AdobeLogoSection IIIConclusion
Marquette University Law Review | Judges: Immunities: Judicial Act and...
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0900AdobeLogoMarquette 1978Document containing Marquette University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1978).
0901AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
0902AdobeLogoSection IThe Historical Context
0903AdobeLogoSection IIThe Opinions
0904AdobeLogoSection IIIConclusion
San Diego University's Law Review | Judicial Immunity from Civil and Criminal...
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1000AdobeLogoSan Diego 1990Document containing San Diego University's Official Law Review on Judicial Immunity (1990).
1001AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
1002AdobeLogoSection IHistory of Judicial Immunity
1003AdobeLogoSection IITo Whom Immunity Applies
1004AdobeLogoSection IIIJudicial Immunity from Criminal Liability
1005AdobeLogoSection IVImmunity from Civil Liability for Defamation
1006AdobeLogoSection VMisappropriation or Misuse of Funds and Estates
1007AdobeLogoSection VIJudicial Immunity from Criminal Liability
1008AdobeLogoSection VIIConclusion
South Carolina Law Review | Suing Judges: History and Theory...
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1100AdobeLogoSouth Carolina 1980South Carolina Law Review's Official Article on Judicial Immunity (1980).
1101AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
1102AdobeLogoSection IJudicial Liability in England
A. The Early Law
B. The Law in the Time of Coke
C. The Law After Coke
1. Abuse and Absence of Jurisdiction
2. Superior and Inferior Courts
3. Malicious and Non-Malicious Acts

D. The English Law in Perspective
1103AdobeLogoSection IIJudicial Liability in the United States
A. The Colonial Period
B. From Independence to Bradley v. Fisher
1. Superior Courts
2. Inferior Courts
3. Interpretation

C. Bradley v. Fisher
D. From Bradley to Stump
E. Summary: History as Argument
1104AdobeLogoSection IIIJudicial Immunity Today
A. Stump v Sparkman
B. Reform Proposals
1. The Good-Faith Approach
2. The Malice Approach
3. The Judicial-Process Approach

C. The Policy Pictures
1. The Case for Judicial Immunity
2. The Case for Judicial Liability

D. The Policy Core
1. Magnitude of Harm
2. Costs of Enforcing Sanctions
3. Effect on Justice
4. Summary

E. The Policy Analysis
1105AdobeLogoSection IVSynthesis: Form and Substance
University of New Brunswick Law Review | Judicial Immunity: In Search of an...
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1200AdobeLogoUNB 1980Document containing the University of New Brunswick's 1980 Law Review on Judicial Immunity.
1201AdobeLogoSection 0Introduction
1202AdobeLogoSection IThe Arguments in Support of Judicial Immunity
1203AdobeLogoSection IISummary of the Existing Scope of Judicial Immunity
1204AdobeLogoSection IIIAnalysis of the Limiting Factors
1205AdobeLogoSection IVImproper Motive
1206AdobeLogoSection VSummary and Conclusions
1207AdobeLogoSection VIA Note on Compensation Without Liability
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