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11th Circuit Court of Appeals' Rules of Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings

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000JCDRAll-in-OnePDF/Page with all of CA11's Rules of Judicial-Conduct/Disability.
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Article III: Initiation of Complaint
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400Article-3Article 3 (all-in-one)Article 3 of the CA11 Rules of Judicial-Conduct/Disability Proceedings.
401Rule-6.1Rule 6.1Form
402Rule-6.2Rule 6.2Statement of Facts: Length; Format
403Rule-6.3Rule 6.3Submission of Documents
404Rule-6.4Rule 6.4Number of Copies
405Rule-6.5Rule 6.5Anonymous Complaints
406Rule-6.6Rule 6.6Place of Filing
407Rule-6.7Rule 6.7Supplementation
408Rule-6.8Rule 6.8No Filing Fee
409Rule-8.1Rule 8.1Receipt of Complaint not in Proper Form

Article VI: Review by Judicial Council
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600Article-6Article 6 (all-in-one)Article 6 of the CA11 Rules of Judicial-Conduct/Disability Proceedings.
601Rule-18Rule 18.1Petition for Review: Length; Format
602Rule-19Rule 18.2Place of Filing
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