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2. Your complaint must be legibly handwritten, typewritten, or computer generated. Answer all questions on the complaint form. You must furnish your full and correct name as Plaintiff. When listing Defendants, provide name and either job title or position; i.e., Officer R. Smith. You must furnish an address for each Defendant. If you need additional space to answer a question, you may use additional blank pages, but do not write on the reverse side of any page. You must sign the complaint on the last page of the complaint form. ANY FALSE STATEMENT MADE ON THIS FORM MAY RESULT IN SANCTIONS AND MAY ALSO SERVE AS THE BASIS FOR PROSECUTION FOR PERJURY. You must keep a copy of the complaint for your records, but the complaint that is sent to the Court for filing must contain your original signature. Do not send service copies of the complaint until directed to do so by the Court.
NDFL. Pro Se 15.1 (Rev. 01/2020) | Instructions Civil Rights Complaint Non-Prisoner

Congratulations! You're now booked up on completing this aspect of a Civil Rights Complaint!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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