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Icon-UpArrow Instructions - Civil Cover Sheet (FL)
Original Source: FloridaBar.org

Instructions for
Completing Florida's Civil Cover Sheet

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
###PDFLink to PageDescription
000logoAdobeAll-in-One[official] PDF/Page containing Instructions for Completing Form 1.997.
001logoAdobeDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing Instructions for Completing Florida's Civil Cover Sheet.
###PDFLink to PageDescription
101logoAdobeSection ICase Style
102logoAdobeSection IIAmount of Claim
103logoAdobeSection IIICase Type
104logoAdobeSection IVRemedies Sought
105logoAdobeSection VNumber of Causes of Action
106logoAdobeSection VIClass Action
107logoAdobeSection VIIRelated Cases
108logoAdobeSection VIIIJury Trial Demand
Keep Going! You're on the verge of getting booked up on how to fill out Florida's Civil Cover Sheet (Form 1.997)!

You'll need to know how when filing your case in state court (eg, the 4th Judicial Circuit Court).


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