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With respect to the financial conditions and activities of the Commission, the Executive Director shall NOT deviate from the Legislature's fiscal priorities and the Commission's Ends Policies and shall NOT cause or allow the development of fiscal jeopardy of actual expenditures. Furthermore, the Executive Director shall NOT:
1. Fail to include credible projection of revenues and expenses, separation of capital and operational items, and disclosure of planning assumptions.
2. Expend more funds than have been appropriated in any fiscal year.
3. Fail to process and submit payroll and debts in a timely manner.
4. Allow for overdue payments or inaccurate invoicing.
5. Make a single purchase of or commit funds greater than $500,000 without Commission approval.
6. Make a purchase in violation of the Florida Statutes relating to procurement policy.
7. Receive, process, or disburse funds under controls that are insufficient to meet the State of Florida’s audit standards.
Florida Commission on Human Relations - Governance Processes
September 2014 - Revised (Original November 2006)

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