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The Commissioners will monitor the Executive Director’s performance for compliance with the Executive Limitations at any time and by any method as the Commissioners so choose.

1. Monitoring performance is simply to determine the degree to which Executive Limitations are being complied with and the Ends Policies are being met.
2. The Commission will acquire monitoring data by one or more of three methods:
(a) internal reporting and data which the Executive Director discloses compliance information to the Commission,
(b) external reporting compiled by an external, unbiased, and disinterested third party selected by the Commissioners to assess compliance with Commission policies, and
(c) by direct Commissioner inspection in which a designated person of the Commission assesses compliance with the appropriate policy criteria.

3. In each case, the standard for compliance will be a reasonable interpretation by the Executive Director of the Commission policy being monitored. The Commissioners are the final arbiter of reasonableness but will always judge using the “reasonable person” test.
4. The Executive Director’s performance will be documented on an annual basis pursuant to the State of Florida performance appraisal process.
Florida Commission on Human Relations - Governance Processes
September 2014 - Revised (Original November 2006)

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