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The Executive Director is the Commission’s only connection to operational achievement and conduct so that all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the Commissioners are concerned, is considered the sole responsibility of the Executive Director.

1. The Commissioners will not give instructions directly to Commission staff; rather, any instructions will be directed to the Executive Director.
2. The Commissioners will not evaluate, either formally or informally, any Commission staff other than the Executive Director.
3. The Commissioners will deem the performance of the Executive Director as identical to the performance of the Commission. In other words, successful Commission performance, as measured by the accomplishment of the Commission's Ends Policies and avoidance of any actions and situations specifically limited by this governance document, will be viewed as successful Executive Director’s performance. Accordingly, statements by the Executive Director about Commissioners’ non-compliance with their own policies, particularly in the case of Commissioners’ behavior that is detrimental to the working relationship between the Commissioners and the Executive Director or the Executive Director and his/her staff, will not impact the Executive Director’s performance evaluation.
Florida Commission on Human Relations - Governance Processes
September 2014 - Revised (Original November 2006)

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