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The Commission commits itself to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Commissioners.
1. Commissioners must have loyalty to the Commission, not conflicted by loyalties to any staff, other private and public organizations, or personal interests.
2. Commissioners must have a personal commitment to civil rights and uphold the mission of the Commission, the meaning and intent of the Florida Civil Rights Act, other pertinent state statutes, administrative rules, and federal law.
3. Commissioners will adhere strictly to the provisions of Florida's Sunshine Laws and will refrain from discussing any issue, without proper meeting notice and allowance for open discussion, upon which they may potentially have to vote.
4. Commissioners must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibilities.
a. Commissioners will annually complete a State of Florida financial disclosure statement.
b. When the Commission is to decide upon an issue about which a Commissioner has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that Commissioner shall abstain without comment from not only voting on the issue but also from the deliberation and discussion of the issue.
c. Commissioners will not use their Commission position to obtain Commission employment and or contracts for themselves, family members, or close business associates. Should a Commissioner wish to apply for such employment or contracts, he or she must first resign his or her position as Commissioner.
d. Commissioners who qualify to run for public office must resign from the Commission in accordance with Florida Statutes.

5. Commissioners shall not attempt to exercise individual authority over other Commissioners, the Executive Director, or any of the Commission staff unless specifically authorized by the Commission
6. Commissioners’ interaction with the public, press, or any other entities must recognize the inability of any Commissioner to speak on behalf of the Commission except to repeat explicitly stated Commission decisions.
7. Commissioners will be properly prepared for deliberations and discussions at scheduled meetings.
8. Commissioners shall not plan events in the name of the Commission or use the name, logo, letterhead, tangible property, or any other item of the Commission, unless approved by the Executive Director.
9. Commissioners shall timely review and return all paperwork related to case deliberations.
Florida Commission on Human Relations - Governance Processes
September 2014 - Revised (Original November 2006)

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