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Specific job outputs of the Commissioners, as informed agents of the people of the State of Florida, are those that ensure appropriate organizational performance. Accordingly, the Commissioners have the direct responsibility to create:

1. A link between the people of the State of Florida and the Commission
2. Written governance policies, as evidenced by this governance document, that address the broadest levels of all organizational decisions and situations:
a. Ends Policies: Organizational products, impacts, benefits, outcomes, recipients, and their relative worth
b. Governance Process: Specification of how the Commissioners conceive, carry out, and monitor their tasks
c. Commission-Executive Director Linkage. How power is delegated and its proper use monitored; the Executive Director’s role, authority and accountability
d. Executive Limitations: Constraints on executive authority, which establish the prudence and ethical boundaries within which all executive activity and decisions must take place

3. Assurance of successful Executive Director performance
Florida Commission on Human Relations - Governance Processes
September 2014 - Revised (Original November 2006)

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