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FCHR Handbooks & Manuals

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.
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000FCHR HandbooksAll-in-OneTBD's PDF/Webpage containing useful handbooks from the FCHR.
001FCHR HandbooksDisclaimerTBD's Disclaimer regarding these reprinted handbooks/mnanuals

FCHR Governance Policy
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G00FCHR-GovPolFCHR Governance PolicyPDF/Webpage containing the FCHR's Governance Policy.
Article I - FCHR Objectives
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G10FCHR-GovPol-A01Article IPDF/Webpage containing Article I from the FCHR's Governance Policy.
G11GovPol-A01P00Art. IFCHR Objectives
Article II - Governance Process
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G20FCHR-GovPol-A02Article IIPDF/Webpage containing Article II from the FCHR's Governance Policy.
G21GovPol-A02P01Art. II Pol. 1Governance Commitment
G22GovPol-A02P02Art. II Pol. 2Governance Style
G23GovPol-A02P03Art. II Pol. 3Commissioner Job Description
G24GovPol-A02P04Art. II Pol. 4Chair's Role
G25GovPol-A02P05Art. II Pol. 5Vice Chair’s Role
G26GovPol-A02P06Art. II Pol. 6Commissioner’s Code of Conduct
G27GovPol-A02P07Art. II Pol. 7Commission Principles
G28GovPol-A02P08Art. II Pol. 8Cost of Governance
G29GovPol-A02P09Art. II Pol. 9Unity of Control
Article III - Commission-Executive Director Linkage
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G30FCHR-GovPol-A03Article IIIPDF/Webpage containing Article III from the FCHR's Governance Policy.
G31GovPol-A03P01Art. III Pol. 1Governance Commitment
G32GovPol-A03P02Art. III Pol. 2Governance Development
G33GovPol-A03P03Art. III Pol. 3Monitoring Executive Director Performance
Article IV - Executive Limitations
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G40FCHR-GovPol-A04Article 04PDF/Webpage containing Article 04 from the FCHR's Governance Policy.
G41GovPol-A04P00Art. 4 IntroGlobal Executive Constraint
G42GovPol-A04P01Art. 4 Pol. 1Treatment of the General Public
G43GovPol-A04P02Art. 4 Pol. 2Treatment of Staff
G44GovPol-A04P03Art. 4 Pol. 3Fiscal Responsibility
G45GovPol-A04P04Art. 4 Pol. 4Executive Director Succession
G46GovPol-A04P05Art. 4 Pol. 5Operational Protections
G47GovPol-A04P06Art. 4 Pol. 6Compensation and Benefits
G48GovPol-A04P07Art. 4 Pol. 7Support and Inform the Commissioners
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