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Official Handbooks & Manuals Related to the
Florida Commission on Human Relations

Source: FCHR
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001AdobeLogoGovernance PolicyAccess the FCHR's Governance Policy
002AdobeLogoOrganizationThe FCHR's Statement of Agency Organization and Operation
003AdobeLogoPerformance ExpectationsPerformance Expectations for the Executive Director
004AdobeLogoPFRInstructions for Completing an FCHR Petition for Relief
005AdobeLogoProcessFlow Chart of the FCHR's intake process
Source: Miscellaneous
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101logoAdobeFCRA Wage ProjectOfficial handbook containing the FCRA Wage Project.
Dive in to get booked up on these official manuals/handbooks that are related to the FCHR!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in Florida's legal system.


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