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Icon-UpArrow Handbook on Retaliation
Source: EEOC.gov

EEOC Handbook on Retaliation

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000LogoAdobeAll-in-OneTBD's PDF/page containing Chapter 8 (Retaliation) from the EEOC's Compliance Manual.
001LogoAdobeDisclaimerOfficial PDF containing Chapter 8 (Retaliation) from the EEOC's Compliance Manual.
002LogoXMLCitationsFull list of citations from this handbook
Front Matter
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003LogoAdobeFront MatterFront Matter
Section 0: Charge-Processing Outline
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A01LogoAdobeSection 0Charge-Processing Outline
A02LogoAdobeItem 0-0Overview
A03LogoAdobeItem 0-1Protected Activity
A04LogoAdobeItem 0-2Adverse Action
A05LogoAdobeItem 0-3Causal Connection
A06LogoAdobeItem 0-4Special Remedies Issues
Section 1: Introduction
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B00LogoAdobeSection 1Introduction
B01LogoAdobeItem 1-AOverview
B02LogoAdobeItem 1-BBasis for Filing a Charge
Section 2: Elements of a Retaliation Claim
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C00LogoAdobeSection 2Elements of a Retaliation Claim
C01LogoAdobeItem 2-AOverview
C02LogoAdobeItem 2-BProtected Activity: Opposition
C03LogoAdobeItem 2-CProtected Activity: Participation
C04LogoAdobeItem 2-DAdverse Action
C05LogoAdobeItem 2-EProof of Causal Connection
Section 3: Special Remedies Issues
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D00LogoAdobeSection 3Special Remedies Issues
D01LogoAdobeItem 3-ATemporary or Preliminary Relief
D02LogoAdobeItem 3-BCompensatory and Punitive Damages
Keep Going! You're about to get booked up on Chapter 8: Retaliation from the EEOC's Compliance Manual!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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