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1) The Commission has implemented a mediation program, and its Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy Statement is available at www.eeoc.gov.

2) Each District Office has a designated staff member who is responsible for coordinating mediation activities within that Office’s geographical jurisdiction. The EEOC’s mediation contact list is also available on the Commission’s website.

3) The EEOC screens all charges to determine if they are appropriate for mediation.

4) Both parties must consent to participate.

5) If the EEOC does not initially offer mediation, the parties may request that the charge be referred to mediation.

6) The mediation process is confidential, and no information divulged during the mediation is disclosed to EEOC investigators.

7) If a charge is resolved at mediation, the Commission will take no further action on the charge.

8) If a charge does not settle, the file will be referred to the EEOC’s investigative unit and will be processed through the normal investigative procedure. American Bar Association // Section of Labor and Employment Law
Equal Employment Opportunity Committee // EEO Law Basics // Spring 2006
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