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Official Handbooks & Manuals Related to the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEOC Instructions/Guides
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001logoAdobeADRThe EEOC's Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy
002logoAdobeBrief WritingThe EEOC's Guide to Appeal Brief Writing
003logoAdobeFiling SuitThe EEOC's instructions for filing a federal suit after an EEOC investigation
004logoAdobeRetaliationChapter 8 (Retaliation) from the EEOC's Compliance Manual
EEOC Public Portal User Guide
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101logoAdobeGetting Started'Volume 1: Getting Started
102logoAdobeInquiring'Volume 2: Submit an Online Inquiry to the EEOC'
103logoAdobeIntake'Volume 3: Post-Inquiry Tasks'
104logoAdobeProcess'Volume 4: Post-Charge Tasks'
105logoAdobeClosure'Volume 5: Charge Closure'
106logoAdobeHearings'Volume 6: Hearings with the EEOC'
107logoAdobeAppeals'Volume 7: Appealing Federal Agency Decisions to the EEOC'
108logoAdobeCase Info'Volume 8: Manage Case Information'
109logoAdobeCharge Info'Volume 8: Manage Charge Information'
Miscellaneous Handbooks on EEO Practice
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201logoAdobeLaw BasicsAmerican Bar Association's EEO Manual on 'Law Basics'.
Get booked up on these official manuals/handbooks that are related to the EEOC!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice.


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