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USFLMD's Middle District Discovery Handbook

Original Source: flmd.USCourts.gov
All-in-One Document
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000USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-[official]All-in-One[official] PDF/Page containing USFLMD's Discovery Handbook.
001USFLMD-Handbook-DiscoveryDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing USFLMD's Discovery Handbook.
Section I: Discovery in General
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100USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-ISection IDiscovery in General
101I.A MDDSection I-A Courtesy and Cooperation Among Counsel
102I.B MDDSection I-B Duty of Disclosure
103I.C MDDSection I-C Production of Documents at Depositions
104I.D MDDSection I-D Supplementing Answers
105I.E MDDSection I-E Timeliness and Sanctions
106I.F MDDSection I-F Completion of Discovery
Section II: Depositions
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200USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-IISection IIDepositions
201II.A MDDSection II-A General Policy and Practice
202II.B MDDSection II-B Objections
203II.C MDDSection II-C Production of Documents at Depositions
204II.D MDDSection II-D Non-Stenographic Recording of Depositions
205II.E MDDSection II-E Experts
Section III: Production of Documents
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300USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-IIISection IIIProduction of Documents
301III.A MDDSection III-A Preparation and Interpretation of Requests for Documents
302III.B MDDSection III-B Procedures Governing Manner of Production
Section IV: Interrogatories
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400USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-IVSection IVInterrogatories
401IV.A MDDSection IV-A Preparation and Answering of Interrogatories
402IV.B MDDSection IV-B Objections, Privilege, and Responses
403IV.C MDDSection IV-C Other Interrogatory Issues
Section V: Subpoenas
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500USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-VSection VSubpoenas
501V.A MDDSection V-A General
502V.B MDDSection V-B Contents of Subpoena
503V.C MDDSection V-C Other Requirements for Service of Subpoena
Section VI: Privilege
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600USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-VISection VIPrivilege
601VI.A MDDSection VI-A Invocation of Privilege or Other Protection
602VI.B MDDSection VI-B Procedure for Resolving Claims of Privilege or Other Protection Against...
603VI.C MDDSection VI-C Waiver of Privilege
Section VII: Motions to Compel, for a Protective Order, or to Quash
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700USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-VIISection VIIMotions to Compel, for a Protective Order, or to Quash
701VII.A MDDSection VII-A Reference to Local Rule 3.04
702VII.B MDDSection VII-B Effect of Filing a Motion for a Protective Order
703VII.C MDDSection VII-C Motion for Stipulated Protective Order
Section VIII: e-Discovery
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800USFLMD-Handbook-Discovery-Section-VIIISection VIIIE-Discovery
801VIII.A MDDSection VIII-A General
802VIII.B MDDSection VIII-B Preservation
803VIII.C MDDSection VIII-C Proportionality
804VIII.D MDDSection VIII-D ESI Conference
805VIII.E MDDSection VIII-E Procedure
806VIII.F MDDSection VIII-F Resolving Discovery Disputes
807VIII.G MDDSection VIII-G Discovery from Non-Parties
808VIII.H MDDSection VIII-H Metadata
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