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References Florida's Handbook on Civil Discovery
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Fed. R. Civ. P.
Rule 16
Rule 16(b)
Rule 16(c)
Rule 26
Rule 26(a)
Rule 26(a)(1)
Rule 26(a)(1)(B)
Rule 26(b)
Rule 26(b)(1)
Rule 26(b)(2)(B)
Rule 26(b)(2)(C)
Rule 26(b)(5)
Rule 26(b)(5)(B)
Rule 26(c)
Rule 26(d)(2)
Rule 26(e)(1)
Rule 26(f)
Rule 29
Rule 30
Rule 33
Rule 34
Rule 34(b)
Rule 34(b)(2)
Rule 35
Rule 37
Rule 37(e)
Rule 37(f)
Rule 45

Fed. R. Evid.
Rule 502

Fla. R. Civ. P.
Rule 1.010
Rule 1.080
Rule 1.200
Rule 1.200(a)(5)-(7)
Rule 1.201
Rule 1.201(a)(2)(A)-(H)
Rule 1.201(b)
Rule 1.201(b)(1)(J)
Rule 1.280
Rule 1.280(b)
Rule 1.280(b)(1)
Rule 1.280(b)(3)
Rule 1.280(b)(4)
Rule 1.280(b)(4)(A)
Rule 1.280(b)(4)(A)(iii)
Rule 1.280(b)(5)
Rule 1.280(b)(5)(A)
Rule 1.280(b)(5)(A)(iii)
Rule 1.280(b)(5)(C)
Rule 1.280(c)
Rule 1.280(d)
Rule 1.280(d)(1)
Rule 1.280(d)(2)
Rule 1.280(d)(2)(ii)
Rule 1.280(g)
Rule 1.285
Rule 1.285(a)
Rule 1.285(b)
Rule 1.285(c)
Rule 1.285(c)(4)
Rule 1.285(d)
Rule 1.310
Rule 1.310(b)(6)
Rule 1.310(c)
Rule 1.310(d)
Rule 1.310(f)(3)
Rule 1.320
Rule 1.320(a)
Rule 1.340
Rule 1.340(c)
Rule 1.340(e)
Rule 1.350
Rule 1.350(b)
Rule 1.350(d)
Rule 1.351
Rule 1.360
Rule 1.360(a)
Rule 1.360(a)(1)(B)
Rule 1.360(a)(2)
Rule 1.360(a)(3)
Rule 1.360(b)
Rule 1.380
Rule 1.380(a)
Rule 1.380(a)(2)
Rule 1.380(a)(2)(4)
Rule 1.380(a)(3)
Rule 1.380(a)(4)
Rule 1.380(b)
Rule 1.380(b)(2)
Rule 1.380(b)(2)(A)-(E)
Rule 1.380(e)
Rule 1.390
Rule 1.410
Rule 1.410(c)

Fla. R. Jud. Admin.
Rule 2.420
Rule 2.425

Fla. R. Prof. Conduct
Rule 3-4.3
Rule 3-4.4
Rule 4-1.1
Rule 4-1.6
Rule 4-3.4
Rule 4-3.5
Rule 4-4.4
Rule 4-4.4(b)
Rule 4-8

Florida Statutes
§57.105 FS
§57.105(2) FS
§57.105(6) FS
§90.501-510 FS
§90.502 FS
§90.503 FS
§90.503(1)(a) FS
§90.503(1)(a)1 FS
§90.503(1)(a)2 FS
§90.503(1)(a)5 FS
§90.503(2) FS
§90.503(4)(b) FS
§90.503(4)(c) FS
§90.506 FS
§90.507 FS
§90.608(2)(2009) FS
§90.608(2)(2015) FS
§90.702 FS
§90.703 FS
§90.704 FS
§394.4615 FS
§397.053 FS
§397.053(2) FS
§397.501 FS
§397.501(7)(a)5 FS
§440.13(2)(b) FS
§456.057(a) FS
§456.057(a)(3) FS
§456.057(7)(a)(3) FS
§627.736(7) FS
§688.002(4) FS
§766.102(5) FS
§934.03 FS

Local Rules USFLSD
Rule 26.1(g)(3)(B)(ii)

Ethics Opinions
The Philadelphia Bar Assoc. Professional Guidance Committee
Op. 2009-2 (Mar. 2009)

Adventures in Electronic Discovery
Chapter Child’s Game of “Go Fish” is a Poor Model for e-Discovery Search,
Losey, R.
(West Thomson Reuters, 2011)

LexisNexis® Practice Guide: Florida E-Discovery and Evidence
Artigliere & Hamilton,
LexisNexis/Matthew Bender (2012)

Law Journals
Deterring E-Discovery Misconduct By Counsel Sanctions: The Unintended Consequences of Qualcomm v. Broadcom,
Thomas Allman,
118 Yale L.J. Pocket Part 161 (2009)

10 Sedona Conf. J. 331 (2009 Supp.)

Trial Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar
Conference of Circuit Court Judges
Conference of County Court Judges

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