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5.03 Florida's Handbook on Civil Discovery
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Preservation of objections to other forms of discovery is generally accomplished in accordance with the Rule of Civil Procedure applicable to that particular method of discovery. For instance, objections to interrogatories served under Rule 1.340 are preserved by serving any objections to the interrogatories within 30 days after service of the interrogatories. If objections are served, the party submitting the interrogatories may move for an order under Rule 1.380(a) on any objection to or in the event of failure to answer an interrogatory. Similarly, in the case of production of documents under Rule 1.350, a party objecting to the production of documents shall state its objection in the written response to the document production request, in which event the party submitting the request may seek an order compelling the discovery in accordance with Rule 1.380. Similar procedures exist for the production of documents and things without a deposition under Rule 1.351 and for the examination of persons under Rule 1.360.

The timely filing of objections to written discovery as described above effectively stays any obligation of the party objecting to the discovery to provide same until such time as the objections are ruled upon. This does not, of course, prevent the court from granting an award of attorneys’ fees or other sanctions under Rule 1.380 in the event that the court finds that the objections were without merit.

With respect to the necessity for filing a privilege log when withholding information from discovery claiming that it is privileged, see Chapter Ten, Privilege Logs. Trial Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar
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