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1. A lawyer is both an officer of the court and an advocate. As such, the lawyer always should strive to uphold the honor and dignity of the profession, avoid disorder and disruption in the courtroom, and maintain a respectful attitude toward the court.

2. A lawyer's word (whether orally or in writing) should be his or her bond.

3. A lawyer should adhere strictly to all express promises and agreements with other counsel, whether oral or in writing.

4. A lawyer should be courteous and civil in all professional dealings with other persons. Lawyers should act in a civil manner regardless of any ill feelings that their clients may have toward others. Lawyers can disagree without being disagreeable. Effective and zealous representation does not require antagonistic or acrimonious behavior. Whether orally or in writing, and whether in or out of court, lawyers should avoid vulgar language, disparaging personal remarks, or acrimony toward other counsel, parties, or witnesses.

5. Lawyers should require that persons under their supervision conduct themselves with courtesy and civility in accordance with these Guidelines.

6. When consistent with their clients' interests, lawyers should cooperate with opposing counsel to avoid litigation and to resolve litigation that already has commenced.

7. A lawyer must not use any aspect of the litigation process, including discovery and motion practice, as a means of harassment or to unnecessarily prolong litigation or increase litigation expenses.

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