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A. Report of Violation. A Neutral or party may report to the assigned Judge any failure to attend an ADR conference, to substantially comply with the ADR Referral Order, or to otherwise participate in the ADR process in good faith.

B. Proceedings and Sanctions in Response to Report of Violation. Upon receipt of such a report, the Court may take whatever actions it deems appropriate, including issuing an order to show cause why sanctions should not be imposed. Show Cause hearings shall be conducted on the record, but under seal. If sanctions are imposed, objections thereto and any other comment thereon shall be filed with the Court within ten (10) days from the date of the notice of sanctions and contemporaneously served on all other counsel, unrepresented parties and the Neutral. (US District Court, New York, Western District // Buffalo, NY 14202 // Judy Hernandez, Staff Attorney)
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