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Source: NYWD.USCourts.gov

Handbook on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000LogoAdobeAll-in-OneTBD's PDF/page containing USNYWD's 'ADR Plan'.
001LogoAdobeDisclaimerOfficial PDF containing USNYWD's 'ADR Plan'.
002LogoXMLCitationsFull list of citations from this handbook
Section 1: Introduction and Authority
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A00LogoAdobeSection 1Introduction and Authority (Entire Section)
A01LogoAdobeItem 1.1Title
A02LogoAdobeItem 1.2Purpose and Scope
Section 2: Overview
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B00LogoAdobeSection 2Overview (Entire Section)
B01LogoAdobeItem 2.1Referral to ADR
B02LogoAdobeItem 2.2Relief from ADR Referral
B03LogoAdobeItem 2.3Violations of the ADR Plan
B04LogoAdobeItem 2.4Evaluation of the ADR Plan
Section 3: Neutrals
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C00LogoAdobeSection 3Neutrals (Entire Section)
C01LogoAdobeItem 3.1Neutrals
C02LogoAdobeItem 3.2Immunities
C03LogoAdobeItem 3.3Compensation of Neutrals
Section 4: Approved ADR Plan Interventions
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D00LogoAdobeSection 4Approved ADR Plan Interventions (Entire Section)
D01LogoAdobeItem 4.1ADR Interventions
D02LogoAdobeItem 4.2Selecting an ADR Intervention
D03LogoAdobeItem 4.3Multiple ADR Interventions
D04LogoAdobeItem 4.4Confidentiality
Section 5: Mediation
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E00LogoAdobeSection 5Mediation (Entire Section)
E01LogoAdobeItem 5.1Description of Mediation and Its Process
E02LogoAdobeItem 5.2Qualifications of Mediators
E03LogoAdobeItem 5.3Compensation of Mediators
E04LogoAdobeItem 5.4Selection of Mediator
E05LogoAdobeItem 5.5Scheduling and Location of Mediation
E06LogoAdobeItem 5.6Mediation Memorandum
E07LogoAdobeItem 5.7Communications with the Mediator
E08LogoAdobeItem 5.8Attendance and Participation
E09LogoAdobeItem 5.9The Mediation Session
E10LogoAdobeItem 5.10Confidentiality in Mediation
E11LogoAdobeItem 5.11Continued Mediation and Reports
Section 6: Acknowledgements
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F00LogoAdobeSection 6Acknowledgements (Entire Section)
F01LogoAdobeItem 6.1Acknowledgements
Keep Going! You're about to get booked up on USNYWD's Handbook on Alternative Dispute Resolution!

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